Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child to equip them with an education and empower them and their community with opportunities for a better life. By making a monthly commitment of just £20 a month, you can give a child a chance at a better future by providing a safe refuge away from the dangers of the informal settlement in which they live.

What does child sponsorship include?

A safe play to learn and play

This covers the cost of fees so the child can attend school as a safe place away from the dangers of where they live.

2 meals a day and clean water

All children receive 2 nutritious meals a day and have access to safe, clean drinking water.

Basic medical care

We provide access to basic medical care for all children supported by UHfH.

Community support

Families and guardians of sponsored children have access to a variety of other services and support provided by us.

School uniform

All children receive UHfH uniform to wear each day. For children in primary school, this also includes sportswear.

Personal child and family support

Our team of social workers offer help and advice to the children we support and their families.

Access to our holiday programme

Children have access to a safe place all year round, not just during school time.

Expansion and improvement of programmes

Part of your contribution goes towards helping us to improve the facilities and expand the services we offer to the children we support.

What do you receive as a sponsor?

A photograph and profile of your sponsored child

This includes background information and family history of the child as well as the child's personality.

A Christmas card from your sponsored child

Every year you will receive a personalised Christmas card or message from the child you support.

Regular updates on your sponsored child’s progress

This is through termly school reports which are sent to you 3 times a year.

Updates on Uganda Hands for Hope and our work

You will receive the UHfH e-newsletter 3 times a year covering the latest updates from our work.

How are our children assessed and identified?

Our work has always been focused on the most vulnerable children and families living in Namuwongo slum, Kampala. We only work with those who are the poorest of the poor and at the lowest levels of the community.The selection process is very strict, with two different social workers assessing the same family. A manager will then also conduct check-up visits to ensure all the information we receive is correct. The selection criteria is based on vulnerability including poverty levels, disability, HIV/AIDS and family situation.

The children who are chosen often live in a single roomed mud huts without any facilities, come from single parent (often female-headed) households with very low incomes, only receive one small meal a day and are malnourished. Some of them are also disabled and suffer from difficult family situations (alcoholism, mental problems, extreme poverty and various diseases including HIV/AIDS).

In addition to the support from sponsors, we also ask the parents/guardians of our children to make a small contribution per term (based on our assessment of what the family is able to pay). This is to further support their children at school and helps to ensure parents/guardians continue to take responsibility for their child’s education.