Michael and Erick

Meet Michael and Erick.  Now 18, both were enrolled in Hands for Hope’s afternoon program when they were young teens after being found idly hanging around the slum by social workers when they should have been at school.  In the program, they participated in general education classes as well as some vocational trainings such as candle making. Both boys had a passion for fixing cars but no means to pursue their interests.  Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, Hands for Hope was able to send both boys to a local garage to get training.

Michael is now being paid as an assistant mechanic while Erick is still going through his apprenticeship.  Although the work isn’t always consistent, Michael can now help to buy food for his struggling family and medicine for his pregnant mother and they have even been able to relocate to a better house. Erick knows that boys his age with nothing to occupy their time often get into trouble and sometimes even arrested for petty offences so he is very grateful to have something productive to do that will eventually provide him with a good income.  Both boys dream of starting their own businesses someday and hope to make enough money to significantly improve their families’ living conditions. Extremely grateful for the opportunity HfH has given them, both boys are also eager to help train other HfH participants in the future.

A year-long mechanic apprenticeship costs approximately 1.7 million UGX (£350).  By providing the means to earn a stable income, such a one-time donation can impact the future of an entire family for generations.


Note: Names have been changed to protect the children’s identities.

Erick at work.
Michael at work.