March 2015 Update

We’re well into our first term of the year at Uganda Hands for Hope!

It’s been a busy term so far. We’re pleased that our Primary Seven children passed their primary leaving exams and have started secondary school. Our children with disabilities programme continues to grow. As well as delivering education to a  group of children, we are now providing medical treatment, including regular physiotherapy for over 30 children. We continue to support mothers to set up small businesses and our candle making programme goes from strength to stength with candles being sold around Kampala.

In this newsletter you will find information about lots of  developments, including our own primary classes! You can also find out more about volunteering with us!

None of this would be possible without the help of our sponsors, donors and volunteers so thank you very much.

If you would like any information on any aspect of our work please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Best wishes,


Hands for Hope opens Primary 1 & 2 classes!

As part of the development of our new building, we are excited to have started delivering our own primary school teaching!

At the moment Hands for Hope supports 170 children to attend primary school, mainly by funding them to attend a local school.

However, with our new space, from this term we are directly teaching primary one and primary two and have recruited two new teachers, Harriet and Martha! This is exciting as it allows us to develop our own high quality primary education and also frees up funding, which will be invested into other services for the children and families we support.

The children are very excited to be staying as part of the Hands for Hopeschool for a further two years. Here they are pictured in their fab new uniforms!

(If you would like to know more about how the building developments are progressing or would like to support it in any way please contact us –

Volunteer with us!

“Thank you for making my time here so absolutely incredible…It’s been such a joy to watch the amazing work that you all are doing…..I can think of few orgsnisations that give volunteers such free reign to implement new ideas and for that I am so grateful” (a former Hands forHope volunteer (2014))

Each year, we welcome volunteers fromUganda and abroad to Hands for Hope. Volunteers join us for anything between two weeks and a year and help us to run and develop our various programme. We offer volunteers a variety of different opportunities, with the chance to work with an active grass root organisation on the front line of development. Whatever your experience or skills we will ensure you can use them and make a difference. We encourage volunteers to come, get involved, see and meet the people we support, and then to be part of the support and change for people living in extreme poverty. We have a variety of specific volunteering opportunities available, however we are always interested to hear from people with different skills and abilities and matching them with the needs of the community and our work at Uganda Hands for Hope.

For more information please

Cissy returns to the UK!

Many of you will remember Cissy, a 16 year old girl from our sponsorship programme, who travelled to the UK in 2013 to undergo life-saving surgery. She had a tumour removed and reconstructive surgery around her eye. The operations were organised and funded by the fantastic team at Facing the World.

Cissy returned to the UK last month to undergo follow up treatment and further reconstructive surgery. Cissy and her mum wil be in London for approximately 3 months. Whilst there, Cissy will receive treatment from leading surgeons and will also attend school and so keep up to date with her studies!

A big thank you to all those that have supported Cissy and especially to Facing the World and their brilliant team of volunteer surgeons.

A great day out!

Thank you to everyone who supported us to take the children on their annual trip!

During the school holidays over 250 children spent the day at Kavumba Recreation Centre and had a great time! They enjoyed looking at and learning about all the animals, especially the monkeys, crocodiles and snakes! They played on rides and swings, loved the donkey and bike rides and the primary children had a great time swimming!

Thank you so much – this trip was an opportunity for the children to experience something that we would take for granted.

A special thank you to the staff at Stonecrest Financial in the US for contributing to this trip, funding our chidren’s Christmas parties and donating lots of great Christmas goodies for the children.

Anyone need help with a flat tyre?!

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and donors, we have been able to support 13 young people to attend vocational school this year!

Each young person will receive training in an area of their choice such as mechanics, catering, electronics or hairdressing. They will receive initial training and then take part in an apprenticeship, which we hope will lead to full time employment.

Many of the young people are from families affected by last year’s forced evictions in the Namuwongo community. We have also been able to fund two young people from our afternoon programme to take part in the training. Learning a vocational skill provides young people, most of whom have no formal education, with an opportunity for employment and a chance to support themselves and their families.

Thank you very much to our donors who made this possible!

Pictured is Ismail, learning motorbike mechanics at UYDEL training centre.

School partnerships!

We have recently developed links with several nursery and primary schools in the UK. By working together we aim to  facilitate the exchange of information between children in Uganda and the UK and so raise global awareness. School children in the UK receive information about what it’s like to grow up and go to school in Uganda and we can facilitate letter writing between school classes.

Several of these schools have also fundraised for us through activities such as Christmas concerts, school fetes and cake sales. A big thank you!

If you know of any schools that might be interested in linking with us please contact