Child Sponsorship

Sponsoring a child through Uganda Hands For Hope not only provides a child with the opportunity to go to school, but it also gives them a chance at a better future, by providing a safe refuge away from the dangers of the informal settlement in which they live. For a monthly fee from £20, you can sponsor a child to go to school. Sponsorship fees includes:
  • School Fees
  • School Supplies
  • School Uniform
  • Sportswear
  • 2 meals a day
  • Basic medical care
  • Participation in our Holiday Programme
Once your sponsorship is set up, you will receive a profile and photo of the child you are supporting along with termly school reports so you can keep up to date with their progress. Read more about our child sponsorship programme, including what sponsors receive in return and details of the selection process.


All of the programmes implemented by Uganda Hands for Hope are made possible by the generous donations of our supporters. Some examples of how your money can help are shown below.
  • With a donation of £50 or greater, you can provide support for a family to start or improve their small business
  • £3 will provide a mosquito net to help in the prevention of malaria
  • We also accept donations of any amount from £2 to help with support costs, such as office supplies, staff salaries and transportation.
We also accept in-kind donations such as clothing, books, sporting equipment, and supplies for the arts (i.e. musical instruments, drawing supplies) for use in our programmes and/or for distribution. In particular, we are looking for items on our wish list below. If you would like to support Uganda Hands for Hope by donating in-kind goods, please contact us.
  • Reams of white printer paper and of coloured paper
  • Dress-up Costumes
  • Arts & Crafts Materials
  • Red and Blue Pens
  • Name Tag Stickers for labelling
  • Wellington Boots (Rain Boots)
  • Children’s educational CDs and DVDs


Uganda Hands for Hope offers volunteering positions and internship opportunities to all. In particular, we welcome students and recent graduates with an interest in international development or social work. However, no matter what your professional interests are, we place our volunteers and interns in programmes that will use and improve their skills, including areas such as education, medicine or nursing, accounting, marketing, micro finance and IT, and our staff is always available to give assistance. Read more...

Partner with us

We are always interesting in partnering with like-minded organisations, whether this includes knowledge sharing, school partnerships, joint fundraising events or something totally different! In addition to various school partnerships, Uganda Hands for Hope is currently partnering with a number of local organisations, including:
• Save the Children • Viva • Child at Risk Network (CRANE) • Uganda Child Rights NGO Network (UCRNN) • Kairos Medical Centre • Ugandan Society for Disabled Children