Hands for Hope is a busy and vibrant place to work and there’s always room for volunteers to join us and help out.

Just bring your time and energy to make a difference and experience life in Uganda.

Volunteering at Uganda Hands for Hope

Volunteer opportunities at UHfH are extremely varied and involvement can range from a few days to a few months or longer or anything in between. All that we ask is that volunteers have an interest and desire in supporting the vulnerable children and their families that are at the heart of our work. You will not only gain experience working with a small NGO but also have an exciting time experiencing life in Kampala and seeing the highlights of Uganda – the ‘Pearl of Africa’.

Hands for Hope has a fully staffed team, however there’s room for anybody looking to volunteer their time and energy. An open mind and forward-thinking attitude will make the most of your time with us. Due to our emphasis on personal community engagement our volunteers can get as involved as they wish. This includes time spent in the community – the slums of Namuwongo – and in the office. Opportunities include helping out in almost all areas of our work such as our school, library, holiday programme, afternoon youth programme or social work team amongst others.

Our goal is to create a well-rounded experience of what it’s like to work for a small organisation on the frontlines of development work. Each person has a different skill set and because of our small size we try and utilise every volunteer who walks through the door to their full potential. The skills you’ve acquired from other jobs, volunteer placements, life experiences, and educational achievements can all be used here in some capacity.

What do we offer?

Induction and orientation

An introduction to UHfH, our work and what to expect during your time with us. In-country orientation and information about the local area including meeting you at your accomodation on the first day.

Pre departure support

Advice and support prior to departure including flight options, what to pack, local accommodation options and arranging airport transfers if required.

Advice and information in Uganda

Information during your time in Uganda including including things to do, places to visit and sightseeing/travelling. We also provide a 24 hour contact number of a UHfH staff member when in country.

Certificate of Appreciation

You will receive a certificate of appreciation on completion of your time volunteering with us.

Costs of volunteering with us

UHfH does not charge for the support and services it offers volunteers as we know you will be working with us to make a difference for the families and the communities where we work. All that we ask is that you cover the costs associated with volunteering with us (just as if you were volunteering somewhere in your home country).

Typical costs include:

-Airport transfer (minimum of 75,000 – 80,000 UGX)

-Accommodation and food (Lunch is available at our office for 3,000 UGX per day/15,000 UGX per week)

-Daily transport (however UHfH is within walking distance from the accommodation options we recommend)

-Flights and Visas

-Travel insurance and other medical expenses including vaccinations and malaria prevention medication

-Any personal requirements/entertainment/travel in Kampala or further afield/safaris etc.


Although not compulsory, we also encourage all of our volunteers to fundraise some money at home before they come. Bringing a donation from friends and family back home to Uganda is unique in that you will immediately and directly see where that money is going. Donating money is one thing but to raise your own funds, physically bring it to Namuwongo and see it being used first hand is a great way of leaving a lasting impact on the community.

As a small, local organisation, our funds are limited. UHfH sets a budget for our all core activities. However, if you would like to develop these projects further, or do new activities with the children etc. then the extra costs would have to be covered by any money fundraised by you. Since we began back in 2008, to support ourselves we have relied upon the donations of individual donors/sponsors – friends, family and visitors in Kampala – and small fundraisers held in different countries. Small funds brought by our volunteers go a long way in keeping our established programmes running and in starting up new ones.